Composer and multi-instrumentalist Herb Partlow has been a radio personality, producer and artist, manager, recording and mastering engineer. Herb continues his musical journey with the upcoming release of his new contemporary jazz single titled “RENAISSANCE MAN.

RENAISSANCE MAN (feat. DeLon Charley) is a modern contemporary jazz song that merges elements of hip-hop with a smooth, jazzy arrangement. DeLon Charley laces this track with some hot saxophone licks. Partlow generates a serious buzz with a proprietary blend of funk and hip-hop infused jazz music. This commercial song has a pulsating trap beat underneath, and a very melodic and jazzy arrangement on top.

Mr. Partlow creates jazz music with a slightly harder edge that should appeal to a younger generation of listeners. His marketing tag line is “This is jazz music for a new generation.”

Herb is a creative artist who knows how to harness today’s hottest vibes to compose and produce attention-grabbing music that he releases on his own Superb Muzic label. This is music for our modern times!” 

HERB PARTLOW – Composer, Producer, Engineer

Contemporary Jazz / Smooth Jazz / Funky Jazz / R&B / Hip Hop




tel: 510.776.4083   |   fax: 843-326-0165


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