Superb Muzic Productions, LLC is a full-service music production company and independent record label that provides multiple services, including: writing, arranging, recording, mastering, artist development, artist management, video production, marketing, sales and distribution of music products worldwide.

Superb Muzic (SMP) is a California Limited Liability Company (LLC) that was founded by Herb Partlow in 2004. Since that time, we have been providing professional music services to a variety of independent Bay Area artists. SMP is an established entity with the following attributes currently in place:

- E-commerce enabled web portal
- Digital recording facility
- Digital mastering facility
- Digital distribution and order fulfillment (e.g., Apple iTunes, etc.)
- In-house graphic and web design
- In-house CD duplication capability
- Artist development and management

"While we continue to seek additional investment, one of our competitive advantages is that we have all the elements and digital tools in-house that are required to produce, manufacture and distribute music products globally.” In the coming years, the CD will go the way of the 8-Track, cassette tape and vinyl records, and Superb Muzic is ahead of the curve and already represents a new music company model for the future; small, lean and self contained.

Superb Muzic Productions' distinctive business model enables this independent company to compete in the marketplace by leveraging the available technology, and capitalizing on the removal of past barriers to entry in today's "Digital Age."

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