1. She Only Calls

2. Abstract N' Theory

3. Your Happyness

Kin Harris and Herb Partlow comprise TheUnFunkySuperbalis. These two writers and producers have been at the game for many years and have always been somewhat ahead of their time. Kin (The Undisco Kid) and Herb (Superb Herb) met many years ago when they were college students at the University of California, Riverside. (we won’t say how many years ago) Kin was involved in the drama department and was also a very popular local radio disc jockey. Herb, who arrived one year after Kin on an athletic scholarship, played on the basketball team and also became a radio DJ at the campus station, KUCR – 88.1FM in Riverside.

For two brothers coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, Kin being born and raised in Richmond, California and Herb coming from the “Port City” Charleston, South Carolina, these young brothers had no idea what they were in for. Their first musical delivery came in the form of a local rap song touting the city of Riverside and the radio station entitled “Hieroglyphics.” With Herb focusing on the musical aspects and Kin handling a majority of the lyrical composition, they spliced together an instrumental 12-inch; in essence, sampling before sampling technology was introduced, and layered it with some provocative, thought provoking lyrics. The Hieroglyphics Rap was a local smash hit receiving countless requests from listeners. From that point on, the pursuit of commercial music success has been a primary goal for these two talented young men.

Fast forward to 2009 and TheUnFunkySuperbalis is armed and ready to take over the airways with their soon to be released single titled, “She Only Calls.” This smooth radio-friendly track sends a message to the next guy that he ought to pay more attention to his woman. It features the Bay Area’s own Marqueax who highlights the song with her flow.

Make sure you check out The UnFunky Superbalis! This is a ground breaking group and they have a very original style and flair that should be refreshing to the music industry.