Release Date: May 11, 2018
Label: Superb Muzic


Herb Partlow is a veteran in the music business. He has covered a broad range of roles that range from radio personality, artist, writer, producer, manager, recording and mastering engineer.

FUTURE JAZZ is his new release on the Superb Muzic label. Herb plays keyboards, piano, bass guitar, along with drum programming and string arrangements. Allen Omenka Webb and J. L. P. are featured saxophonists, and Ricardo Love adds awesome guitar licks to the project. “My collaborators give voice to my music.”

He incorporates elements of jazz, funk and hip-hop to create jazz music with a slightly harder edge. It is very smooth and jazzy music, but it also knocks with 808 kicks and drum rhythms that will appeal to the younger generation, as well as the traditional smooth jazz consumers.

Hopefully Herb's rendition of jazz will spark a renewed interest in this very important genre of music so that it can remain commercially sustainable for years to come. It's a very “modern” version of jazz music!

This is “jazz music for a new generation.”

CONTACT: info@superbmuzic.com

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by Herb Partlow
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